Kenosha, WI (WLIP)–During this week’s Kenosha Common Council meeting, concerns over illegal fireworks were a focal point of discussion as city officials highlighted the potential dangers and legal repercussions associated with their use.

Alderman Jan Michalski emphasized the widespread issue of residents purchasing and setting off illegal fireworks, underscoring that such activities are prohibited within city limits.

They cited reasons for the ban, including the risk of triggering PTSD in veterans, disturbing pets, and posing fire hazards and safety risks to the community.

“There are good reasons why they are illegal,” Michalski stated.

“It isn’t just because these booms upset pets; sometimes they upset people who have PTSD. Illegal fireworks can also be a fire hazard.”

Alderperson Holly Kangas echoed these sentiments, urging residents to exercise restraint and courtesy.

She reminded the public of the significant fines that can be imposed for violating the fireworks ban and clarified that there are no permits available for fireworks in the city.

As the city prepares for its official Fourth of July celebrations, including a fireworks display at the lakefront, officials encouraged residents to enjoy the festivities safely and responsibly.